Right from its inception on July 10, 2004, K.L.Bajoria College has been aiming at empowering the youth of the North –East in such a way that they become, in the days ahead, the pride of the nation.

Keeping in mind that our students come mostly from troubled regions, we try to provide them with a home away from home in the naturally peaceful ambience of Shillong.

While offering Honours in several substantial disciplines, we keep in mind the need of the hour, and provide courses in Fashion and Interior Design, Communicative English, Translation, Travelling etc. A large library with thousands of volumes and on line access is the right niche for curious minds. Books are bought ever year for all the departments. A plot of land adjacent to the college is being developed as a field. Meanwhile, the vast expanse of the Polo Grounds and the J.N. Stadium serves as an acre of green grass for our athletic students.

The semester system at the Degree level, introduced in 2015, is running well under the supervision of an army of knowledgeable teachers and able administrators. Our results so far, both in the old and the new systems, have been consistently good. Important occasions are observed, and the regular functions of the college are performed with aplomb.

“Efflorescence”, the college magazine, celebrating its seventh issue this year, and the Wall magazine ‘ Windows on the Wall’, give ample opportunities to students and staff alike, to hone  their creative prowess. The Fashion Design and the Interior Design Departments keep the college resplendent with displays of their innovative work. Our constant transactions with MACS keep the students well aware of health hazards and of their social responsibilities.