Ms. Christina Kharpuri, Acting Principal

In the fast growing world today, where globalization & internationalization are buzz words, education has found its new definition & boundaries. Today’s youth doesn’t merely wants to stick to the traditional methods of seeking education but they also want to develop as well-rounded professionals.

According to the First lady prime minister of India, Mrs. Indira Gandhi – ‘Education is a liberating force, cutting across the barriers of caste & class, smoothening out inequalities imposed by birth & other circumstances’.

K.L. Bajoria College is driven with a passion for excellence in education & quality in life. In its journey it has turned the academic vision into reality by providing quality education with a purpose of meeting career requirements of the youngsters.

The Emblem consists of the Saraswati symbolizing education culture & art. The three ‘E’s- Enlightenment, Education & Empowerment-(on the three sides surrounding of Saraswati) reminds us to shower the powerful light of education on the young minds to enable them to serve the society with integrity, efficiency & support.

The College is doing an excellent role in imparting quality education with the help of committed administrators & dedicated as well as experienced teachers. The bond of understanding & commitment will surely pave the way to excellence.

Launching an website is yet another milestone that has been torched by the institution which will open our windows to the rest of the world. I am sure that K.L. Bajoria College will contribute to the upcoming education system in its strong little ways & thus help in building up a better society & a better world.

My best wishes to all our web viewers.